Category: Playable Demo
Style: Rhythm-Based, Fixed-Position, First-Person Shooter

Role: Literally everything you see and hear except the character models!


  • Created entirely in Unreal Engine with no middleware in order to exploit new audio features in 4.17
  • Current download is an Alpha Preview. Final edition will be available for Mac as well.
  • There are 4 enemy types corresponding to Bass (red), Keyboards (green), Vocals (blue) & a Boss [Drums] (white)
  • Each enemy listens to their track and runs based on its current volume
  • Each enemy can only be damaged with the correct weapon
  • Shots have to be timed to the beat of the track to achieve maximum damage
  • The bonus meter is calculated using a silent metronome track which guarantees the rhythm is always synchronised to the main track.
  • Gunshots are made of 4 layers, each with 5 variations (plus pitch randomisation) to help prevent ear fatigue
  • Death-cries are limited to a 1:4 chance for the same reason
  • Destroying the Boss gives your weapons unlimited charge for 10s to unleash CARNAGE!