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HI! I’m Dan and I love making audio sound its best whether that’s cleaning up dialogue, removing noise, breaths, umms and errs, or tracking speech to video, or even creating and implementing sound effects for video games.

Working from my professional studio in Brighton, UK or wherever you need, I have extensive experience in editing and post-producing audio content that you can rely on.

From corporate interviews and e-learning to audio dramas and comedy podcasts, from mobile to AAA I always deliver the best possible quality, whatever your budget.


I love creating captivating audio content and I’ve been making podcasts since the beginning.

Whether you need simple interview cleanup or complex, sound-design-laden productions I’m here to help.

Interviews are a great source of content, but very often the quality of the recording can be an issue, especially since the rise of video calling. As a qualified sound engineer I have helped many podcasts improve the quality of their content both before recording through best-practice advice and tech support, and after-the-fact audio enhancement such as noise removal, hiss reduction,  volume balancing, etc.

As well as raw sound quality improvements, I am an expert in improving the listening experience. That is to say editing out filler words (umm, err, etc.) long pauses, loud breaths, etc. and making the edits seamless.

For more ambitious podcasts I design sound effects, ambiences, compose/commission music, etc. to help stories come alive.

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Audio Dramas

Telling stories with sound is the most fun you can have in audio – At least, I think so! Even more so when you get to work with talented actors and writers.

These examples are full episodes as performed by Brighton Theatre of The Air. As well as performing a few roles I did everything from the raw recordings – Editing, cleanup, sound design, sound effects and mixing.


Although I specialise in audio, I know video and am as comfortable working to footage as I am pure audio. I have done recording and sound design for short films, YouTube series, corporate presentations and more.

I am most comfortable in Davinci Resolve, but I know Premier, After Effects and I did a tutorial series for Krotos Audio on creating sound design and syncing to video in Pro Tools, an episode of which you can see here.

Video Games

I have been creating and implementing sound effects in video games since 2013. I’ve worked for several brands and studios from up-and-coming indies to established AAA developers including Mattel, Formula 1, Games Workshop & the USAF.

As well as creating the sound effects themselves, I have implemented audio (including dynamic composition) in multiple titles using Unreal Engine, Unity, FMod and Wwise in various combinations.


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+44 (0) 77 6989 4242